What's the Best Way To Peel An Egg?

Peeling a really fresh hard boiled egg can be a challenge.  We recently came across a "no peel" method on the NoBiggie blog site that suggested cutting through the shell and scooping out the egg with a spoon. NoBiggie suggest that it's a good method when preparing deviled eggs since they are going to be cut in half anyway.

We'll we decided to give it try and here's our opinion....

This method is in fact easier than trying to hand peel an egg. However, it can leave the outside of the egg in somewhat tattered condition.  If you are planning on serving your deviled eggs to company, cutting through the shell with a knife may not be the way to go.  We think the technique is actually better for egg salad because the eggs get chopped up so the appearance of the peeled egg is not important.

Have your own special way to easily peel an egg? Leave a comment and let everyone know your secret.
Boiled Eggs. Photo by Dev920


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