Lead In Backyard Chicken Eggs

According to a report in today's New York Times, tests on eggs taken from backyard chickens in New York City's public neighborhood gardens showed higher levels of lead than store-bought eggs.  While the cause of the problem is not certain, however, researchers suspect it might result from higher lead levels in the soils where the chickens live.

To read this story in full, check out the the NY Times article, Worries About Lead for New York City's Garden-Fresh Eggs.

If you have a concern about lead, you can have your soil tested for lead and other heavy metals.  We had our garden area tested several years ago as part of a broader test to understand how to amend the soil to improve its productivity.  The service we used is Timberleaf soil testing.  A lead test costs $39.  You can perform similar tests for cadmium, chromium and nickel for $39 each and arsenic for $66.

Sunnyside Up But Lead Free? Photo by David Benbennick


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