The 100,000 Dollar Chicken Coop

Regular readers of this blog may recall that a few days ago I reported on a $210,000 chicken coop under construction in England.  Well here' another jaw-dropping coop made here in the USA.

Neiman Marcus, the upscale department store, is selling a $100,000 "mini-farm" that can accommodate 10 chickens.  The $100,000 price tag includes an on-site consultation with the designers and a selection of ten hen breeds based on your needs. 

I find the coop furnishings a bit egg-cessive, but at least Neiman Marcus makes a $3,000 donation to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy when you buy a mini-farm.

At $100,000 you think they would throw in a BriteTap waterer. If you think they should, like the post or leave a comment.  

Posh Coop For Your Chickens From Neiman Marcus

For $100K you think they would throw in a BriteTap waterer


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    1. check out backyard chickens they have a thread with coops if your still looking

  2. Show the inside in a month when it is covered top to bottom with chicken poop... haha.... real chicken owners know that this is not realistic....

  3. I'm sure they don't serve Eggs Benedict at this mansion.

  4. Where's the poop scraper and the rake??


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