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New Freeze Proof Chicken Nipple Waterer

Just in time for winter, we're introducing new Freez Free® brand nipple watering valves.

Freez Free brand valves keep your chicken's water supply sparkling clean and free of droppings.  

Importantly, they contain fewer internal metal parts than other nipple watering valves so they are less prone to freezing in winter.  

When used with a bucket de-icer or other submersible de-icing heater, they will keep your chicken's water flowing, even when the temperature outside is well below freezing.

Better Than Other Nipple Watering Valves

Freeze resistant - suitable for use with de-icers.High Flow Rate - release water at a high flow rate so your chickens stay well hydrated. This is particularly important for egg laying breeds that require plenty of water to produce eggs.Easier to Peck - the metal valve stem that releases water is longer than on competitive brands.Durable - made from high quality stainless steel and plastic to provide years of trouble-free operation.BPA free so both you …

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