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Will Corona Virus Hurt Backyard Chicken Keeping?

Many of us have experienced difficulty buying everyday items in the grocery store as a result of Coronavirus pandemic.  Items such as toilet paper, canned goods, and pasta have been in short supply.  In some areas, it’s also been difficult to get fresh eggs and this has created a surge in demand for baby chicks as homeowners look for alternative ways of getting staples – including buying chicks to produce eggs at home. According to CBS News , some retail chains are reporting a 30% increase in sales of baby chicks and some stores are limiting customer purchases to a specific number of chicks to cope with the demand. While we at are here to support new owners with educational articles and advice, we have real concerns about novices acquiring birds first and asking questions later. Our greatest fear is that many of these chicks will end up at shelter facilities or, worse still, mistreated as owners who lose interest as soon as fears about the pandemic begins

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