In The News Oct 2019

Chickens Can Play "Hot or Not"

Kate Upton Photo by Peter Ko

National Geographic online reports that chicken's may have similar preferences for beauty as humans and can identify more attractive human faces. Researches believe that chickens are responding to facial structure and have preferences for those faces that are more symmetrical. 

Good to know that we can now have our chickens do the screening for us on 

New Book

Lisa Steele, backyard chicken expert and author of several books on the subject, announced a new book "DIY Chicken Keeping" a book of projects for poultry enthusiasts.  The book is on pre-order on Amazon

Get Cracking

A new tool that makes it easier to crack eggs so they don't drip any of the white or yolk onto your counters is seeking project funding on kickstarter.  For those interested in learning more visit their kickstarter page


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