New US .9999 Gold Coin To Feature Image of Rooster

New US .9999 Fine Gold Coin To Feature Rooster

The U.S. Mint revealed plans today to produce a new .9999 fine gold coin.  Studies show that pure gold coins account for over 70% of the world bullion market and that the Canadian Maple Leaf hold the number one spot in today’s Market.  The U.S. Mint hopes to take a bigger share of this market by releasing a pure gold alternative to that offered by The Royal Canadian Mint.

Using an image of a rooster on the new U.S. gold coin was the idea of current Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew.  The new coin features an image of Walking Liberty on the obverse and a crowing rooster on the reverse. At current gold values, the one-ounce coin will sell for approximately $1,285.  “We think the rooster image will go over big with gold bugs,” said Secretary Lew at a press conference earlier today, “it’s a bold choice but we’re confident the Treasury Department won’t end up with egg on its face.”  

Happy April Fools Day from your friends at, makers of the BriteTap chicken waterer.


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