Free Smartphone App For Backyard Chicken Owners

We are pleased to announce the release of the Cluck-ulator™ smartphone app, the most comprehensive app ever created for backyard chicken owners. 

The Cluck-ulator is available in iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphone versions and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store respectively:

          iPhone Cluck-ulator

          Android Cluck-ulator

          Windows Cluck-utor

The Cluck-ulator helps users make decisions about the composition and management of their flocks and is six tools in one:

  • Breed Selector - chooses the ideal breed of chicken when you selects the characteristics you want from a wizard like menu including: type of breed (egg layer, meat bird, dual purpose), laying amount, egg shell color, breed temperament, and four other important criteria.
  • Breed Photo Gallery - allows you to choose the ideal breed of chicken visually by browsing through an alphabetical list of chicken breeds. 
  • Coop Planner - provides housing requirements including coop and run size, perch space and number of nest boxes needed when you select the number of chickens in your flock.
  • Egg Estimator - provides an annual estimate of the number of eggs a chicken will lay when you select the breed and age of that chicken. 
  • Food & Water Estimator - Calculates the daily food and water required for the flock when you select the number of chickens, type (egg, meat, dual purpose), growth stage, and outside temperature. 
  • Poultry Valve Calculator - calculates the water pressure and per cent of valve pressure capacity when the you select the height of the water column in their water supply tank. 

  • In addition, you get access to other resources within the app including our blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page where information, tips, and other content of interest is regularly posted.

    The Cluck-ulator requires an internet connection via either wi-fi or cellular service and can also be accessed via tablets or other mobile devices such as the Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, or Samsung Galaxy Note. 

    Demo Video:

    Cluck-ulator Chicken Calculator Demo from ChickenWaterer on Vimeo.

    Download links:
              iPhone Cluck-ulator

              Android Cluck-ulator

              Windows Cluck-utor


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