Valentines Giveaway

We're giving away "I Love Chickens" buttons to 10 creative Chicken Owners. 

Just post a comment here or on our Facebook page that explains why you love chickens. Winners will be based on creativity and will have their comments featured in our next e-newsletter, BriteSpot. 

Contest ends Sunday, Feb 16 2014, at midnight so enter today.

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  1. I'm new to chickens; falling in love with them when tasked with watching a neighbor's coop along with an additional flock added to that coop during the Colorado floods in September when everyone had to evacuate for work and school since our roads were washed out in both directions. We stayed with our greyhounds and our cat and two chihuahuas of a neighbor' all those chickens. I thought I liked chickens cuz they give you EGGS!
    Now, several months later, my own coop with that stray flock all set up...I think I love chickens because like most of the relationships in my life, I tend toward unavailable personalities.
    Chickens seem to be unavailable personalities....well, unless I have mealworms or crickets, of course!


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