I Love Chicken Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone sharing your reasons for loving chickens. Everyone did a great job and it was hard to make the final selections. 

Here are the ten lucky winners of the "I Love Chickens" button giveaway and their reasons for loving chickens:

  1. I love to watch chicken's antics. I once had a neighbor describe them as kinetic lawn ornaments. But the real joy comes with working with these wonderful animals. Every one has a unique personality and something special within. When I hug my pet chickens all the weight of the world slips away. They bring joy and happiness and they educate me every day. -Kathy Boyer
  2. My 10 year old son loves his chickens like they are a member of our family. He spends hours in the coop talking to them, taking videos and pictures of them, and doing fun stuff with them. He's even hosting his own Chicken Olympics this June. His favorite is Speckles who he carries around and talks to. - Janeen Townsend Tkacyk
  3. I love my chickens because they are my Friday night date, my special valentines, my happy new year, easter delights, my happy summer is here, the 4th of july fire works, autumn pumpkins and my merry Christmas! Basically they give me unconditional love, are always happy to see me, jump on my lap when I sit with them and are a simple down to earth way to show our children how to care for life and enjoy the outdoors. I love my chicks! - Gail Koehling
  4. I've kept chickens a long time because despite being a part of the food chain and very delicious eggs they make me laugh and I worry over them constantly. Can't help it! - Susan Dietrich
  5. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....I love you more with each treacherous step I take to the coop this wilwinter. Knowing that I will be rewarded with fuzzy bodies, delightful, glorious, beautiful eggs; that I never get tired of gathering, I love thee for making my days brighter, just because you are.-Denise Veldt McCall
  6. I Love Chickens because they make me smile and laugh. Laughter is a good medicine. -George Gobble
  7.  I  [Heart Icon - i.e. Love] my chickens fluffy butts. I [Heart Icon] when they hurry off to some exciting chicken business. I  [Heart Icon] when I come outside they all come running towards me. I [Heart Icon] when I have the scratch bucket how a few of my girls will try to jump for it. I [Heart Icon] the delicious eggs they give me every day and I especially [Heart Icon] when they hatch out babies, I could watch those little cuties all day! -Kelly Mosely
  8. I love my chickens because: When I was depressed and in the dark they brought light back into my life. I wouldn't do anything but watch tv and feel sorry for myself now I can't wait to get up and go talk to my girls. They make me laugh and they make me run, they make me enjoy life again. Thanks to my girls and some more to come. Life is good. -Connie Wine
  9. I love chickens because mom had them. Makes me think of her and how she loved them and her seven children. There were times she would have one for dinner (to feed us) she always kissed them and thanked them. Mom has been gone many years now but I still remember her loving her chickens. I love mine too. But just for eggs. They live a long life here. Wonderful memories. -Lou Tadaro-Watson
  10. My chickens are a wonderful escape from the days stress into joy, for their actions be them comedic or rowdy, are great to watch! -Jeannie Young Shaw


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