Free Chicken Keeping Calculators

Whether your starting for the first time, or planning changes to the size of your flock, it useful to know how much, space, feed and water you'll need to support your flock and how many eggs you can expect to collect.

To make this easier for everyone,, the makers of the BriteTap chicken waterer, have created a free calculators you can use.

Calculator #1: Basic Flock Requirements

Enter the number of birds in your flock and the calculator provides the following:
  • Coop space required. (square feet)
  • Roosting space required. (inches)
  • Number of nest boxes required.
  • Average daily and annual feed required.
  • Average daily and annual water required.
  • Number of BriteTap waterer required for a flock of that size.

Calculator #2: Impact of Temperature on Feed & Water Consumption

The amount of feed and water consumed by your flock will vary depending on the temperature. To see this, enter the number of birds you have in your flock and the calculator provides daily feed and water requirements at five temperature categories:
    • Cold (25° F)
    • Cool (45° F)
    • Mild (72° F)
    • Warm (85° F)
    • Hot (95° F)
Calculator #3: Egg Production Estimate

Chicken are most productive during their first year of laying, but will produce eggs for many years past this peak period. To estimate the number of eggs you'll collect, enter the breed of chicken and it's approximate age.  The calculator will estimate:
  • Number of eggs you will collect this year.
  • Number of eggs you will collect next year
  • Number of eggs you will collect in five years.
  • Number of eggs during the birds peak egg laying year.
  • Current egg laying as a percentage of peak egg laying.
  • Total estimate for eggs produced by the flock.

The calculator is free and can be found at in the navigation panel on the left under "Chicken Calculators"

Posting sponsored by, makers of the BriteTap automatic poultry waterer. The BriteTap waterer shields water from dirt and poop. The water stays clean and there are no messy pans for you to wash out.


  1. what about one for the pc? i got a dumb phone! this looks cooler than calculators.

  2. Hi Danny:

    We have you covered. You can use the same calculator from your PC by going to the following web address:

    Breed Selector:

    Coop & Run

    Food & Water:

    Egg Calculator:

    Poultry Valve Pressure Calculator


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