How We Manufacture The BriteTap Chicken Feeder

BriteTap Convertible Chick & Chicken Feeder

Check out this two minute video that shows how we manufacture our new chick and chicken feeder.

The threaded feeder tube is unique because it lets backyard chicken owners raise the shield the same way that a nut moves up a bolt.  The shield prevents chicks from standing on the feed tray and pooping in their food. When the chicks grow up and leave the brooder, the shield prevents rain and snow from spoiling the food and is a perfect feeder for scratch, grit, mealworms and oyster shells.

The mold used to make the feeder tube is complicated because of the size of the treads on the outside for the shield as well as those inside to accept the lid. A hydraulic device creates the the hollow core and then is removed when the plastic has set.


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