Chick Shortage 2015

What’s your opinion?

Our local news is reporting that a chick shortage in the San Francisco bay area is driven by higher commercial egg prices.  (Last year California passed a law that requires that caged hens have increased space and this has in fact increased the price of eggs) 

However, I'm somewhat skeptical of the report.  Backyard eggs aren't necessarily cheaper when you factor in the cost of a coop, equipment and feed.  I think demand for chicks is driven by a general increase in interest in chicken keeping driven by a desire for fresher eggs and more humane treatment of animals. What do you think? 


  1. I'm always seeking to buy eggs from a farm where chickens are provided a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Always looking for eggs and new chicks from a chicken yard with more emphasis on the lifestyle, well-being of the chicks and chickens living there.


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