How Many Eggs Will My Chicken Lay?

In this article we provide a little information and a free tool we created to help you estimate how many eggs you can expect your chickens to lay. Don't worry, our Chicken Waterer Egg Calculator will do all the match for you! However, here's the background information on how the calculator works.

All other things being equal, the number of eggs you can expect a chickens to lay are a function of its breed and its age.

Chickens will lay the greatest number of eggs during their first year laying. They will then lay progressively fewer eggs each year thereafter. For example, in year two, most chickens will lay about 85% of the eggs they did in year 1. By year 7 will be laying approximately 35% of what they laid in year one. Know a chickens age and you are half way to knowing how many eggs it will lay this year.

The second bit of information you need is the chickens breed. As noted in our previous article on selecting chicken breeds, there's a wide range of egg laying capacity.  Some breeds will lay as few as 30-60 eggs a year at peak egg laying while champion egg layers like the Leghorn will lay as many as 300 eggs in year one.  

Egg Calculator:
To estimate the number of eggs a chicken will lay in any given year, you just need the age and breed to make an estimate of the eggs you'll get this year and in the future. 
To make things easy, we've developed a calculator that does all the math for you:

  1. Enter your chicken's breed into the calculator.
  2. Enter her age. If you can't remember the exact age, just make an educated guess.
The calculator will then take this information and project how many eggs you'll get this year, next year, and five years from now. 

Click here to use the Chicken Waterer Egg Calculator.

Free Smartphone App: 

As of April 2014, the egg calculator and five other cool chicken tools including a breed selector, coop planner and food and water calculator are now part of a smartphone app called the Cluck-ulator that can be downloaded from the iTunes App store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android)

Click the below links to go to these stores to get your free app:

iPhone App at iTunes Store:

Android App at Google Play Store:

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