BriteTap Chicken Waterer Tips for Summer

Last week, we experience some of the hottest temperatures this year here in Northern California. With the temperature rising above 90° every day for most of the week,  it reminded us that now would be a good time to provide some tips on using the BriteTap Chicken waterer  during the summer months.

Summer's Intense Sun Means Hotter Days for Your Flock

So without further a do here are two tips for dealing with summer's heat and increasing length of day....

Reducing Potential Algae Growth

The clear plastic of the bright Chicken water makes it easier to clean because you can visually inspect the waterer  as you are cleaning it.  However during the summer, transparency of the plastic can be a bit of a double-edged sword because more hours of daylight can mean more opportunity for algae to grow inside the BriteTap waterer.

Algae are a diverse group of single and multi-cellular plants that can can appear green, brown, or rust red in color.  As with other plants, algae depend on light in order to survive. To reduce, or completely eliminate, algae growth just prevent algae from receiving the light they need to survive.

A simple, cheap, and effective way to do this to to cover BriteTap waterer with some aluminum foil and then some packing tape or duct tape.  Just use a piece of aluminum foil that is longer and wider than the BrightTap waterer. Heavy duty aluminum foil works best but the regular weight is also OK. Now wrap the aluminum foil around the body of the BriteTap waterer, allowing the red water valves to poke through the aluminum foil on the bottom. Once wrapped, use some duct tape or clear packing tape to secure the foil onto the BriteTap waterer so that your hens don't peck it off. To do this, wrap tape around the body of the waterer being careful not to cover the valves.

That's all there is to it! By the way, you can do this while the BriteTap water is still attached to your water storage tank.

Keeping Your Flock's Water Cool

Research shows that chickens that consume water that is cooler produce more eggs.  In fact, one research study conducted on Leghorn hens indicated that chickens can produce 15% more eggs when their water is 36° versus  95°.  

If you want to keep your chickens comfortable and get a few more eggs this summer, consider adding some ice cubes to your water tank every morning.  If you use an insulated Igloo or Rubbermaid brand water cooler as your water supply, some ice added to the tank will keep the water wonderfully cool all day. The cool water is a treat for your chickens and  will keep them happy, healthy, and laying lots of nutritious eggs.

Adding Ice Cubes To Your Chicken's Water Keeps Everyone Cool & Happy

What Do You Think?

If you like these tips, or have tips and tricks you've learned on your own that you would like to share, please leave a comment to this post.


  1. I've been adding ice for my chickens since last year when we had such a scorching summer..I freeze water in plastic bottles, the bigger the ice, the longer it lasts..


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