Poultry Nipples And Why They Are Superior Chicken Watering Devices

Poultry nipples, sometimes referred to as chicken nipples, are special valves that are designed to automatically dispense water to an individual chicken whenever a bird would like to take a drink.  They are similar in function to watering devices sold in pet stores to provide water to guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals.

How They Work
The poultry nipple is activated whenever a chicken pecks at the stem on the base of the nipple. The pecking action causes the stem to rise and this opens the valve inside the nipple, allowing the water to flow. When the bird removes its beak from the nipple, the stem drops down under the weight of gravity, sealing the valve and stopping the flow of water.

Poultry Nipples Make Great Water Dispensers
Poultry nipple are used in conjunction with other components to form a closed watering system; the flock’s water is drawn from a main water line, or covered water tank, through a series of closed pipes and then dispensed through the poultry nipples. The water is never exposed to the open air.  As a result, nipple-type watering systems are much more sanitary than the open pan or trough systems used by most backyard chicken keepers.

Chickens Drinking From The BriteTap Chicken Waterer

Positive Impact on Flocks and Owners
Nipple-type watering systems are a win for both chickens and their owners.  Nipple systems provide cleaner water to chickens and this directly impacts their health and productivity. Chickens tend to drink more water when its clean and proper hydration is required for chickens to lay eggs.  Increased water consumption also helps chickens properly regulate their body temperature and lowers the chance of heat stress during the summer.  Flock owners also benefit;  they get more eggs from well hydrated chickens and the nipple-type watering systems are easier and more pleasant to clean.

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