Gift Guide For Chickens

During the holiday season it's pretty typical for magazines to run special gift guides to help shoppers find the perfect gifts for friends and family.  This year, we decided to put together a gift guide for those of you who want to buy gifts for your chickens. Here are five gift ideas for that special hen or rooster in your life

1) "Play Ball" Cabbage Tether Ball - The idea is to hang a cabbage from a rope in your coop or run using some cord and an eye bolt. The chickens get to "play" tether ball and eat the tasty cabbage. Making a cabbage tether ball is easy. Just buy a long eye bolt, nut, and large diameter washer at your local hardware store. (Buy a bolt with a length that is greater the the diameter of the typical head of cabbage.) Now, drill a hole through the center of the cabbage and push the eye bolt through the hole. Secure it to the cabbage using a washer and nut and then tie one end of cord to the eye bolt. Now suspend the tether ball above the ground in your coop or run. Hours of fun for chickens. Lots of fun to for you to watch them play. 

So Much For For So Little Money

2) Pumpkin Pie - This dessert is usually associated with Thanksgiving but we make pumpkin pies for Christmas as well so we have leftover pumpkins when Santa is putting gifts in the stockings. You might also have an un-carved pumpkin leftover from Halloween that you can re-gift to your flock, rather than throw into the compost bin, just place the pumpkin in your coop or run and let the girls have at it.  You can also give your chickens pumpkin seeds if you plan to use the rest of the pumpkin for your holiday meal. For this gift, you can substitute any squash you have on hand for pumpkin including Acorn, Butternut, or Delicata -- they all are appreciated. 

This Heirloom Boston Marrow Pumpkin Is Great for Pies and Chickens

3) BriteTap Poultry Waterer - Clean water is the gift that keeps giving year-round.  The BriteTap waterer is fully covered and chickens drink from special valves at the bottom. The water doesn't get contaminated by dirt and droppings so the water always stays clean and you don't have to rinse out a pan of poopy water. The BriteTap waterer is $29.95 plus shipping and handling from our web site: Chicken Waterer.

Clean Water Made Simple From BriteTap Poultry Waterer.

4) Sitting Pretty Perch - Chickens spend a lot of time roosting, so it makes sense that they have a nice comfortable perch. If your perch is too big or too small, a really nice gift idea is a replacement perch which is perfectly sized and comfortable. You can make these out of wooden dowels. Standard chicken breeds should be given a perch that's 1.5 inches in diameter while Bantams should be given a 1 inch diameter perch.

Mildred, does this perch feel better to you?

5) Treat Me Right - Try giving your chickens some foods they may not normally get during the year. Chickens love meal worms, pumpkin seeds, and cracked corn. All of these can be purchased from your local feed store.  You can also offer them cooked pasta, fruit, and leafy greens. If you give your chickens leftover people food, remember that you should not give them foods that have spoiled. If you wouldn't eat it, don't give it to your chickens.
Meal worms. Tasty but by whose standard?

6) Nest Box Luxury - Typically, straw is used as bedding in nest boxes. However, you can also use other materials that are softer to pamper your girls.  We like using wood shavings made from fir, aspen or pine. You can get this at pet stores but it is much less expensive to buy at a feed or equine supply store. Avoid cedar shavings as these are reputed to be harmful to chickens.

Posting sponsored by, makers of the BriteTap Poultry Waterer. The BriteTap chicken waterer shields water from dirt and poop. The water stays clean and there are no messy pans for you to wash out. 


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