Peel Boiled Eggs In 10 Seconds

It's always interesting to see the ways people come up with to make peeling boiled eggs easier.  I've seen quite a few interesting ways including cutting through the eggs (shell and all) with a knife and scooping out the egg with a spoon.  This method does work, but doesn't lead to a particularly pretty presentation. It's really best when making egg salad because the egg is going to be chopped up anyway.

So here's another method I stumbled upon today....

Shake 'Em in Tupperware

This method comes courtesy of a Japanese TV show. "Ultraman" will demonstrate how to peel 5 eggs in under 10 seconds. You place the eggs into tupperware with a little water and shake to crack the shells. I'm going to give this method a try and see if it works for me.  


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